June 20, 2021
Sheesham tree

Everything About The Sheesham Tree

1.All About The Sheesham Tree?

The Sheesham tree is also known as sissoo or sisu, and its mainly found in northern India. It has grey bark and grows up to 30 feet high with round branches that are branch. It has bright green leaves and flowers which bloom in yellow, orange, and white—the tree flowers during May and June when it blooms most profusely. The tree grows up to 30 feet tall and has coarse brown wood. It has strong strappy branch arms, which are elliptical with rounded tips, and the terminal leaflet has several pointed leaflets.

All About The Sheesham Tree
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2. Where does Sheesham grow?

Sheesham tree grows best in rich loamy soil with low acid and pH levels. However, the root systems can also be damage in heavy clay soils, acidic and alkaline conditions. Drying out of the roots may result in the plant to die. An evergreen shrub, the Sheesham tree has long been a source of both essential oil and resin for perfume, incense, tea, and herbal medications.

3.What are the uses of Sheesham Tree?

The wood of the Sheesham tree has use for furniture making and seasoning food and drinks for centuries. In the middle Ages, Blackwood was extensively use as an aromatic ingredient for perfumes and incenses. Simultaneously, the Sheesham tree to be a source of a healthy, natural, antibacterial, and an antiseptic liquid called black wood oil, which is use for topical and oral treatment. Blackwood oil has been using to treat skin conditions such as eczema, burns, wounds, insect bites, and an antibiotic for open sores and wounds.

4. Is Sheesham wood good for making furniture?

Sheesham has gained international attention nearly as good quality wood for furniture. Its high oil content characteristics, tight grain, and lastingness have made it unique and essential for manufacturing furniture, especially countertops, indoor flooring, carving, and cutting boards. Because its wood is extremely durable and lasts generations, it is also decay-resistant. Its heartwood is exceptionally durable and is very immune to dry-wood termites, but it’s vulnerable to boring wood beetles. Sheesham wood is also use to make plywood.

5.which type of wood is the Sheesham tree?

Sheesham tree is a type of hardwood. This type of tree has encased seeds, either in pods, a shell, a covering, or in a fruit. These seeds allow birds and insects to be attracted to the trees’ flowers and transport pollen to other trees. These are also why hardwood trees are not often grouped but somewhat separate and often have other trees between them. Most hardwood trees are also deciduous .most hardwood is dense. Is also why hardwood is expensive, as it takes longer to grow? Sheesham is very popular in India for its qualities as well.

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