October 27, 2021

Save trees and save the Planet

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1. Save Trees in Saving Lives is a Much Discussed Topic Now Days

The importance of trees in saving lives is a much-discussed topic now days. More and more Save trees will only secure our future by conserving the environment. It is our prime responsibility now to take care for our mother earth . Any advancement at the cost of the environment is unacceptable. It is bound to put our future in danger. Rising incidences of natural calamities like Tsunami, flash floods and rising sea levels have proven it to be true. They have shown that all measures have exceeded the limits of tolerance!

2. Problems of pollution that have been endangering our lives

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 Scientific innovation and technological advancement have made our lives easier nowadays. From buying goods to planning a trip is just a click away on our Smartphone’s. However, industrialization has brought the earlier problems of pollution that have been endangering our lives in its wake. As a respite, trees as our green friends, act as our saviors. They absorb the harmful gases like, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide emitted from motor vehicles and industries into the environment.

Similarly, trees anchoring into soil through their roots prevent soil erosion. By preserving the top soil, trees maintain soil fertility and boost agriculture. Most importantly, save the birds wildlife by giving them shelter. Undoubtedly, save trees are important actually will save our lives for many years to come?

3. Oxygen that effect Life on Earth

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The greatest advantage of saving trees could be related to their potential of producing oxygen, the life sustaining gas for us. Through their complex biochemical process of photosynthesis, trees take up our waste product of carbon dioxide released during respiration and give us in return the gift of oxygen that perpetuate life on earth. In all major cities across the world, pollution is endangering our lives.

Trees, as green cover, save us by absorbing the fine and particulate matter, and thus improve the air quality index of atmosphere. That is a serious relief for people suffering from all respiratory ailments like, asthma, lung inflammation, atherosclerosis and even other heart diseases.. In other words, elevated carbon dioxide increases the risk of global warming that in turn affects life on earth. Trees absorb this gas and bring down the ambient temperature ensuring our safety. 


4. We want to save Lives on this Planet

Thus, in manifold ways, save tree save life and we need to save trees for our well being also. When trees grow, they take up our excess carbon and make earth a cooler habitat to live and absorb poisonous gases that put our lives in danger. It’s more than a mandate now that as humans, we must plant trees and help them grow for better parts of the world. Mere saying doesn’t help as our actions speak more than our words. If we want to save lives on this planet stop deforestation and cutting trees. we must save trees as they are our true friends indeed.

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