October 27, 2021

Parijat tree | Harsingar tree beauty of nature

Parijat tree Harsingar tree beauty of nature
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The Scientific name of Parijat tree or Parijat Mandar is Nyctanthes arbor. Hindi speakers call it ‘raat ki rani’. The botanical name of the hyacinth is Nyctanthes arbor-tristis. In English, it is call coral jasmine tree. Parijat flower is found in almost all areas in India. This tree is not more than 15/20 feet tall. Due to the environment’s influence and lack of care, this tree is getting lost day by day.In Bengali, it is known as bakul phool.

The leaves are 5-7 cm long and side the parallel edges. This Pleasant smell flower has five to six white stalks and reddish-orange tube-like stalks in the center. The fruit is flattened and brown heart-shaped. The flower seeds is 2 cm in diameter, and it is divided into two parts. Each part contains one seed. The flowers glow at night and fall in the morning. In the Indian subcontinent, this flower has been given the status of a flower by Durga Puja’s advent. The flower that fall in the morning wet with the dew of autumn and winter create an impossibly beautiful scene.

The benefits of the Parijat tree make an essential contribution to the world of Ayurveda. The bark and leaves of the root are use in medicine. Parijat has some medicinal properties.

Parijat tree has some medicinal properties.

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As ayurvedic medicine, sciatica, rheumatism, fever is used as medicine to relieve various pain types. The leaves’ juice reduces swelling of the knee joint, cures ulcers, and prevents bone loss. Leaves, flowers, fruits, bark are all beneficial. Studies have shown that hepato-protective antifungal, antiviral. Suppose the scientific method needs to be use in the right amount. Not only in Ayurveda but also practical field, and its importance is immense.

The Harsingar tree flower Fragrant and immense.

The Harsingar tree flower Fragrant and immense.
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Ayurveda is quite significant in the field of trade as well. Perfume is prepair from its flowers. Buddhist monks often love to paint hyacinth flowers in their gowns. This is because these colors fade quickly in sunlight. The bark is uses as a tanner. Many times ivory things are polish with leaves. However, the people of Chil forgot to appreciate this tree with many qualities. Having found a place in the Ram temple, the tree of light of preaching is again our beloved hyacinth.

Parijat flower and Hindu Mythology.

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The Parijat tree or harsingar tree one day had a huge name. In those ancient times, it was manifested in the churning of the sea of ​​gods and monsters. Then he adorns himself in heaven. Apsara from her flower goddess is adorn on the body. Dhanvantari makes medicine with its leaves and bark. Basudev Krishna himself brought this Parijat tree to this earth. As soon as he reached Dhara Dham, his place was on the way to the village. After losing his fame, he falls on the side of neglect.

In the villages of Bengal, this Parijat tree as the Shiuli flower tree. The arrival of autumn in Bengal begins in the morning when you see the dew-drenched hyacinth flowers lying under the tree. This hyacinth tree is the parijat tree of heaven. Lord Krishna handed over the garland to his two wives Satyabhama and Rukmini. Throughout northeast India, this hyacinth is call as Harsingar tree. Even if only this flower falls on the ground, it can be offer at the feet of God. The goddesses adorn this flower.

The princess’s Parijatika another stories about this flower.
The princess's Parijatika another stories about this flower.
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The princess’s name was Parijatika. For this another name of Shiuli is Parijat. Krishna’s two wives Satyabhama and Rakshini want their garden to be amuse by the scent of Parijat. But Parijat is the beauty of heaven! Krishna wants to make his wives happy. So he hid and brought branches from the tree of heaven and planted them in the garden. Flowers fall from the trees and spread fragrance. Indra, the king of heaven, got angry knowing this incident. He cursed Krishna, Parijat will give flowers but the seed will not give new life.

Hindus consider Shiuli to be the flower of heaven. Their lord Krishna brought these flowers from heaven to earth. There are many stories about this flower as it falls from the tree in the morning all night. A princess commits suicide by falling in love with the sun and turns into a flower tree. In order not to see the face of the sun in the morning, it falls from the tree before the sun rises.

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