July 26, 2021

The Palash tree beauty of nature

Palash tree is seen almost everywhere in India. This tree also grows in the foothills of Myanmar and the Himalayas. Palash wood is very soft — it breaks easily. So in English, it is known as Bastard teak, and In Sanskrit, it says – Palash / Kingshuk, and in Hindi – Dhak Palash, Tesukaper, Chira In Nepal, it is known as Palashi Bulchetra. Palash is a medium-sized deciduous tree. The Palash tree is best known for its flowers. The flowers of Palash are bright red. There are also reddish-orange and sometimes yellow-coloured Palash flowers. Palash flowers are not very large, 4 to 6 cm. there are very few people who do not know Palash flower’s name.

Image source-Google| Image BY- Santosh Chandran from New Delhi, India –Butea monosperma Get this image on: Wikimedia Commons

The Tree flower and beauty

Flowers bloom in bunches on long buds. In the spring, the leafless trees suddenly bloom and bloom. At the end of the height is a bean-like fruit with seeds inside. Seedlings overgrow from roots and grow fast. Palash flowers are purple, yellow (yellow), white (white), and blue. It attracts people’s attention and deep from the heart. In winter, the leaves of the tree fall off. In the spring, the trees bloom and bloom. According to many in the Hindu community, the dark green tripartite of Palash symbolizes the Hindu gods Brahma,Vishnu, and Maheshwar. At one time in Manipur, India, the Palash flower’s substance was use to make Holi’s colour. India’s Maithili community has a long association with Palash flowers and wood. When a Maithili community member died, his body cremated with Palash flowers and the tree’s wood.

Image source-Google| Image BY- Gunjanbonde – Own work Get this image on: Wikimedia Commons | License details

Palash tree flame of the forest

Palash is also known as the fire of the forest. The average height is 12 to 15 meters. Flowers bloom in bunches in front of the branches. The dark green leaves are trifoliate, much like the mandarin tree leaves, but large leaves fall in winter. New leaves sprout in summer. The tree is leafless during flowering. The branches of the tree are soft. The fruit looks a lot like beans. Palash is propagating by cutting seeds and pulses. Palash grows in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Malaysia. This plant is use as medicine. Indigenous herbal medicines are made from Palash beech. Once upon a time, the Palash tree root was use to create a strong rope.

Everything is the use of the Palash Tree

Environmentalists in Nature have demanded planting new Palash flowering trees to protect the species and the trees scattered in different places, including the forest. It is beautiful to notice that everything is of use in each part of this tree, from flowers to leaves, bark, seed, stem, and gum. The tree has been using extensively in alternative medicines such as Unani, Homeopathy, and Ayurveda therapies for its analgesic, aphrodisiac, and anti-fertility properties.

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