October 27, 2021

The Nilgiri Tree or Eucalyptus tree

The Eucalyptus tree or Nilgiri tree . This tree absorb water from about 10 feet of the surrounding area and about 50 feet below the ground. This tree absorbs water 24 hours a day and releases it into the air. This results in dehydration of the soil. The wood quality of this tree is not so good. This tree is harmful to the environment. Other species of trees cannot grow in the vicinity of this tree. This tree dries the soil, and the fertility of the soil decreases . When eucalyptus trees are cut down, it takes a long time for soil fertility to return. Eucalyptus trees should get rid of it. The eucalyptus is a tree capable of living almost anywhere, withstanding almost any circumstance and growing fast.

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A tree that is deadly to the environment

Nilgiri tree is a harmful plant for the environment that does more harm than good to humans. Nilgiri trees are unsuitable for our climate and cause severe environmental disasters by absorbing excess water from the soil. Some observations that eucalyptus flowers and fruits can cause environmental great harm . Breathing diseases have been report in areas where eucalyptus trees are more than enough . It is thought that the flowers and petals of this tree spread in the air and enter the human breathing tract and if this process continues for a long time, it has been found to cause breathing problems and heart disease.

Although Eucalyptus trees are son almost all continents due to their climatic adaptability, there are about 600 species of eucalyptus globally. Still, they spread naturally to India. More than 50 countries in Africa, America, Asia and Europe have planted eucalyptus trees for their trade and decoration. The use of eucalyptus goes far beyond the transformation into paper pulp; its possibilities go through the pitches for mines, railway sleepers, mussel rafts, fences or posts, construction beams, farm work, packaging or pallets, manufacturing of doors, windows or furniture, dashboards of high-end cars, use of its bark to make tannin’s, or its leaves to obtain essential oils, or that of its flowers as ornamental elements or for beekeeping.

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The Nilgiri tree is the enemy of biodiversity and health.

Nilgiri tree has always had a “bad press.” Suppose everything bad that is said about eucalyptus was true. Australia, their native country, covered by extremely large eucalyptus forests, would be a dead continent, without life. Destroying natural forests to plant eucalyptus is a disaster; we are sure to agree on that. But in degraded lands where nothing grows anymore, where the only eucalyptus is capable of growing, it can be of great help to the environment Destroying natural forests to plant eucalyptus is a disaster, we are sure to agree on that. But in degraded lands where nothing grows anymore, where the only eucalyptus is capable of growing, it can help the environment.

Eucalyptus is a beneficial tree.

Eucalyptus is a beneficial tree, but this tree’s presence in low rainfall and dry country like ours is doing more harm than good. Planting this tree in our country is to make wood for a short time, but for this short time profit, the country is being taken to the desert. But where our government itself is encouraging people to plant these trees, my question is what our government paid tree and environmental experts doing are. However – if there is excessive rainfall and water retention in any part of the country. Tracts – there may be some benefit to the country’s paper industry by planting this tree – I do not see any reason to plant this tree anywhere else.

It is not right to call the Eucalyptus tree harmful this plant has many qualities, and if not planted properly in the right place, these qualities can cause damage. First of all, let us first look at the tree’s characteristics; this tree absorbs a lot of water; its leaves contain formaldehyde phloroglucinol, which has many medicinal properties. Although the plant is an Evergreen species, it changes its leaves once a year and its bark grows with it the chemical found in its leaves is an antiseptic – which is why it is harmful to most insects. Mosquitoes, flies and insects are often repel by washing the leaves. This plant is significant for the pharmaceutical and paper industries because it grows swift, and make medicines.

Eucalyptus tree
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Health Properties of Nilgiri tree

Eucalyptus is a type of tree that is distribute throughout much of the world and due to its rapid growth; it is use in forest plantations for the paper, lumber industry or to obtain chemical products, in addition to its ornamental value. It is also use as a medicine for colds and respiratory problems, although it is also a broad-spectrum Antiseptic. They can reach more than 60 m in height, although there is talk of already missing specimens that have reached 150 meters. 

In some specimens, the outer bark (hybridism) is light brown with a skin-like appearance and peels off in strips. Leaving grey or brownish spots on the inner bark. The essential oil can be extract from Eucalyptus leaves use as a nasal decongestant and to fight breathing infections. It is use in the form of an ointment, pills, inhalant candies, infusions, syrups or sprays.

Since ancient times, it is one of the best-known plants for home remedies treating breathing diseases, flu, colds, and others. Its leaves are mainly use to obtain its benefits. This is a type of globules that contains Anti-inflammatory, Antimicrobial and expectorant properties. 

Originally from Australia, it is recognize for being a tree with large dimensions adapting very well to different temperate regions, so its use was extend. This tree is widely use in Spain due to the great absorption by part of its roots, which eliminates swampy areas.

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