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Mahua tree involve in Adivasi tribes of India

Mahua tree involve in Adivasi tribes of India
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The Mahua tree is around 20 meters tall and has evergreen or semi-evergreen foliage. The Mahua tree is generally valuable for its flower, which abound with a large oil capacity. Its flowers are mainly used in the production of alcoholic beverages and sugary candies. Spent flowers (after fermentation) give as animal feed. 

Hindi  Name :Mahua ful .
Common Name :Indian butter tree, Mahua, etc.
Botanical Name :Madhuca longifolia
Synonym :Madhuca indica, Madhuca latifolia
Family :Sapotaceae (mahua family)

Mahua is a sweet-smelling flower. What is its fragrance? Even under the tree, the smell of flowers can be smell standing far away from the tree. There are several Mahua flowering trees in Jharkhand village. There are several in Bihar. If you enter Chhattisgarh state, you will find the mahua tree.

About 0.12 million tonnes of Mahua seeds are produce in India, collected in different parts of the country from organized sectors, and used for oil extraction. The estimated production of Mahua flowers is over one million tonnes in the country. Harvesting of Mahua flowers and seeds is encouraged by the Indian government for the commercial benefits it represents, especially with the development of photochemical industries in India and the domestic needs for various medicinal plants, which are growing considerably.

Adivasi tribe life is involve in every level of death from Mahua.

In the forest of Chhotanagpur, the Adivasi tribe, whose life is involve in every death level from Mahua! Not just like liquor, the Mahua tree is a part of their life. Whiskey in its own right, Mahua intoxication still survives with dignity among the nobility of wine.

Many years ago, the Adivasi of ​​Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, and the Radha region of West Bengal were cover with deep forests. The tribes lived in this hilly forest land known as the Plateau of Chhotanagpur. The main livelihood, hunting and farming, they had Mahua, without which they could not have imagined surviving.

Today we mean Mahua, a relaxing primitive intoxication, an intense attraction, which is hard to avoid, but to the Mahua means life. Mahua means an eternal deity that keeps them alive. It is considered very sacred, so they call Mahua the ‘Tree of Life.

Mahua tree is involve in every level of tribal society celebration.

Mahua tree is involve in every level of tribal society celebration.
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In their calendar, the New Year starts from the month of Chaitra. This festival is celebrated in the month of Chaitra, where the Mahua flower is essential. February to April: This three-month Mahua tree is full of flowers. 

After that, the Mahua festival is celebrate in the rainy season before making wine from that Mahua flower. That is to say; a tribal festival is made by holding flowers on a tree. Apart from that, the stems, pulses, flowers, and fruits of Mahua are very sacred to this tribe. Such an essential role of a tree in the struggle of tradition, culture, or life is rare in the world.

Mahua is a blessing to most of the tribals in the region, not just the tribes. Not only wine, but they also make delicious food by boiling, crushing, or juicing the fruits and various parts of this tree. Dried wood is used for fuel. Many tribes decorate their final journey with the wood of this tree, believing that without the Mahua wood’s fire, the true fivefoldness of the human body is not attained.

Mahua tree important to the tribals.

Mahua tree important to the tribals.
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Even at this age, the importance of Mahua is immense. Apart from oil, soap, butter, etc., medicines are prepair from the flowers and fruits of Mahua. You will be surprise to hear that the Mahua tree is also mention in the Ayurvedic book Charak-Sanhita written in the third century BC. There, the juice of Mahua has been called Mahausadha. The renowned historian has also described Mahua as a very effective medicine for bronchitis and colds.

Despite having such a rich historical heritage, Mahua has a rural, wild smell. Even today, he may not have been able to cross the jungle path and reach the elite highways. The bright, sparkling whiskey didn’t respect whiskey or wines, but natural wine lovers hugely admired Mahua. Because, as they know, colorless, filtered mahua is tastier and more nutritious than the popular Sake Drinks of Japan or the world-famous Tequila of Mexico.

Therefore, if the government initiates to make fragrant and delicious Mahua from Mahua flowers in a thoroughly scientific way, it will be famous all over the world. So the wild Mahua wine, whiskey, champagne must be remove and shined under the bright light, which in its smooth rhythm, in its wine, is still alive today as a tree of life.

Flowers of the tree that is useful for fever, cold, and cough.
Flowers of the tree that is useful for fever, cold, and cough.
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Mahua is a medicinal plant. The fruits, flowers and the leaves are beneficial. Various medicines are prepair from bark, flowers, fruits, and seeds. This tree grows in India, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Mahua flower spreads far and wide in mid-spring. We are more or less all familiar with the Mahua tree. Mahua trees in India, is an essential plant-base on its medicinal properties and health benefits. From the leaves of the tree to the fruits and flowers, the quality of everything is immense. 

The fruit of this tree is as delicious to eat as it is fragrant. Especially for the people of rural areas, this tree is significant; for example, houses are made from its wood, wine is made from the juice of mahua flower, various medicines are made from the bark, flowers, fruits, and seeds tree, etc. 

The fruit is much like a large cooler. The seeds are use to make oil, soap, and Ghee. It is possible to keep the flowers dry for a long time. This flower can be use in sweets, puddings, and other foods. The smoke of Mahua Khali is an insecticide. There are thousands of medicinal properties in all parts of Mahua.

Madhuca Indica and its medicinal properties.
Madhuca Indica and its medicinal properties.
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Madhuca Indica, also called the Mahua tree, is a forest tree native to central and northern India and Malaysia. It offers enormous potential for therapeutic use, but due to Western ignorance and lack of studies, it is used very little. 

The Mahua tree has some pharmacological potency for the treatment of several diseases. It is commonly seen in various parts of the Indian subcontinent. In the Indian folk medicine system, different parts of the tree are use: whole young plants, leaves, stems, bark, roots, fruits, flowers, and seeds.

The mahua (Madhuca Indica) is a tree widely cultivated in tropical regions of India. The estimated annual production of it is higher compared to Karanja oil and Neem oil. The mahua oil was reacted with the diethanol amine resulting in the formation of the fatty amide of mahua oil, which further reacts with bisphenol-A, forming the mahua polyetherimide resin. 

Nutritional use of the Mahua tree.
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The Mahua tree has excellent nutritional value. It produces fruits that are a prize for their seeds, making a large amount of fat commercially known as Mahua butter or mocha butter for many edible and medicinal applications. It is also use as biodiesel.

Its fat is use as a substitute for cocoa butter and Ghee. It is one of the most excellent sources of natural hard fat. Thus, the fat obtain from Mahua fruit oil is use in baking, frying, and making chocolates. Seed fat has an emulsifying property, so it is use as an emulsifying agent in some pharmaceutical industries.

It is generally apply as a massage oil in much of the country, mainly to hydrate the skin. Besides its edible and medicinal uses, Mahua has industrial applications as it can be use to manufacture soaps and lubricants for laundry. Also, the seeds would have insecticidal and pesticide properties. They are use as an organic fertilizer in crops like rice.

Traditional use 
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Although the Mahua tree is quite common in India, it is not use as food. The Mahua flower occupies an important place in the life of the tribe and in many parts of India. Only a small amount of flowers are consume. A significant amount of the flowers are actually use in the preparation of distilled liquors. The freshly brewed liquor has a solid smoky foul odor which gradually disappears.

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