September 19, 2021

Kadam Tree-kadamba beauty of the rainy season

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The Kadam tree flowers are round like a ball and the white-yellow Kadam tree full of trees in the rainy season is fantastic to see. The flowers we usually see on the golden-yellow fleshy inflorescence are full-blown white pollen-covered coloured flowers, which are strange to look at, and flowers of such a structure are not commonly seen. Apart from white and yellow, there are various red flowers, although it is rarely seen. The intoxicating smell from the rain-soaked Kadam flower spreads all around, and the scent is not bad. Although it is mainly a monsoon flower, it is sometimes in summer due to early rains.

The tree is a massive tree with many branches and dark green oval thick leaves, 20 to 25 meters high, so it is also a shade tree. The tree grows very fast, but the wood is very soft. In winter, all the tree leaves fall off, and in spring, the young leaves grow again. Inside the flower is a fleshy sour fruit, a favorite food of squirrels and bats. So they are also responsible for spreading the seeds in the lineage.

The Kadam tree has medicinal properties, so does the flower has the aromatic power to keep the air free from pollution. The Kadam tree does not have to grow as much as it grows on its own. In a short time, the Kadam tree became quite big. The leaves of the Kadam tree are quite big. Kadam flower round. Thousands of small petals cover the hard round on the lump. Kadam flower has a more alluring look.

Kadam flower medicinal properties.

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I was surprise to know the medicinal uses of the Kadam flower’s bark and leaves, just as I had talked about the Kadam flower soaked in the pouring rain. Is it possible to express in words the joy and excitement we used to have by scattering the petals of Kadam flower on each other in the rainy season?

Kadam flower is not only the beauty of rain love; it also has some medicinal properties. Once upon a time, worms, nausea, and fever were used as medicine. But on the one hand, there is a huge tree, and on the other hand, there is not much use and financial value of this tree, and now no one wants to plant or keep the Kadam tree. As a result, the monsoon’s Kadam flowers are getting lost in the city and the villages.

The color of the bud is mixed with white and yellow. It shone like a golden ball. The sepals are white, the clusters are yellow, the flower is white, and the face is outward. The Kadam tree’s bark is useful in a fever; the leaves’ juice is used in worms. The bark and leaves are analgesics. Leaf juice is also helpful in mouth sores. In ancient it was used as ayurvedic medicine.

The Kadam tree a part of ancient literature.

The Sanskrit name of Kadam is Kadamba. Kadamba means kindness. Many poets have written poems about the Kadam tree. Throughout the medieval Vaishnava literature, there are fragrant make Radha-Krishna birahagantha! There is mention of the Kadam tree of Sri Vrindavan Leela Madhurya in the Dwapar era. The incarnate man himself sat on the Krishna Kadamba branch and played the flute. There is also evidence of the antiquity of the Kadam tree. In Vanusinghe’s Padavali, Vaishnava Padavali, and Sri Krishna Kirtan, the word Kadam tree has various forms.

When the rainy season comes, like other places in the country, yellow and white mixed Kadam flowers bloom in different areas of lord Krishna village-like Mathura, Vrindavan, and Ujjain. It has been seen in other places of the district town of Bengal. The sweet scent of stepping with the wind fascinates everyone. The mind creates a stir of love in the soul. That is why many poets have written love poems.

The scent of this flower attracts not only people but also birds. Birds sit on the branches of the Kadam flower tree. In the rain, along with the Kadam flowers, the birds even bathe. Kadam flowers dance in the way of the wind in the chirping of birds. He who does not have love or affection in his mind will fall in love in a moment. Kadam flower is the name of an ever-familiar flower of Bengal. Everyone, big or small, is familiar with the height. If this flower does not bloom, it is as if the rain loses its fullness.

The flowers are very tender and fragrant. 

The flowers are very tender and fragrant.
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The rainy season is unique in India. Kadam flower welcomes the arrival of the monsoon. The lack of something, the pain of not being able to make people overwhelmed. The mind wants to get close to a loved one. Kadam flower bores people’s minds. 

In the flowering season, a single bud comes round at the apex of small stalks. The flowers are very tender and fragrant. A full bud usually looks like a flower. But in a ball-like round fleshy inflorescence, the scattered arrangement of innumerable delicate flowers is very nice. 

 Kadam tree is elongated and multi-branched. Kadam is one of the most beautiful tree. Its stem is tiny. Steps shaded for intensive foliage. The height of this tree is up to 40-50 feet. The young leaves of Kadam are light green

The financial value of the Kadam tree.
The financial value of the Kadam tree.
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The flowering tree is beautiful; the tree does not have much financial value. The wood of this tree is very soft, so it is not suitable for making furniture. However, matches can be use to make sticks, paper, toys, and boxes. Again the tree grows fast, so this flowering tree was once used to provide fuelwood.

However, no such initiative is going to be notice in the maintenance of this Kadam tree nowadays. Kadam trees are being destroy in match factories and brick kilns. The Kadam tree is being cut down as it is considered unnecessary.” Now such a step flower tree is not seen. As can be seen, due to the influence of climate, the flowers bloom less at once. Everyone should plant Kadam flowers in their own homes.

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