June 20, 2021
arjun tree

Everything about the Arjun tree

The Arjun tree is a deciduous medium type tree. This scientific of arjun tree name is Terminalia arjuna, whose Sanskrit name is Kakub In adulthood, a tree grows to 10-15 m tall. The branches of the arjun tree are hanging downwards. The leaves look a lot like human tongues. The skin colour is grey, and it is very thick. The bark can be easily remove from the tree. The bark is divide into thin layers. Leaf elongated 7.5 Flowers yellowish and spike straight and no flower petals. The fruit is elongate, divide into 5 folds and wings

arjun tree
Image source-Google| Image BY –Lalithamba from India –Terminalia arjuna(Roxb.ex DC)W&A

Benefits of Arjun tree and medicinal uses

This Arjuna tree is also seen as an important medicinal plant in our Ayurvedic scriptures. Using the bark of Arjuna tree, we can get relief from many diseases Arjuna bark is used to relieve heart disease. It is beneficial to drink Arjuna bark’s juice in case of low blood pressure. The disease is cured by drinking half a teaspoon of raw turmeric juice mixed with water-soaked in white or blood.  It also acts as a contraction and antipathetic. Arjun enhances food digestion. Today I will share with you exactly what diseases we can be better using Arjun tree’s bark.

The medicinal uses of Arjuna tree:

1. Asthma drugs In case of asthma, the Arjuna tree’s bark gives tremendous benefits. If you can grind the Arjun tree’s bark and mix it with milk regularly, then the problem of asthma will be reduced a lot.

2. Heart disease Arjuna tree bark but works very well for heart problems. It strengthens the cardiac muscles. Maintains good blood circulation in the heart. Prevents coronary heart disease. Soak the bark of Arjun tree in water overnight and mix it with milk and eat it the next day. And if not, you have to grind the skin and mix it with milk.

3. In skincare, we may not know how beneficial this Arjuna tree’s bark is for our skin. It enhances the skin’s radiance from the inside and strengthens the skin cells. Applying the bark of Arjuna tree mixed with honey on acne reduces it. Again, machete spots are also reduced if you use honey mixed with this skin. Many people regularly use the Arjun tree’s bark as a face pack.

4. Can be use for wounds. Many times we get scabies. And they do not want to reduce anything. Then use the bark of Arjuna tree. Soak the bark of Arjuna tree in the water at night. Rinse the area well with this water the next day. Then make a paste by mixing the bark powder of Arjun tree in water and applying it. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse. It will benefit.

5. Releases diarrhoea We suffer a lot from diarrhoea. The abdomen is always heavy and hurts near the navel. Nothing wants to eat. You can mix the bark of Arjuna tree with goat’s milk in case of diarrhoea. This will reduce the problem of diarrhoea.

Digestive Benefits of Arjun tree bark

1. Helps to increase digestion capacity.But this is the main problem from this digestive problem, gas, heartburn, how much more! But taking many medicines does not reduce this problem. Now believe in the bark of the Arjuna tree. Every night before going to bed, mix Arjun bark powder in lukewarm water and eat it. It rules to eat every night. This will increase your digestive capacity.

2. Arjuna tree oil enhances food digestion. Helps to keep the functioning of the diet regular.

 This well-known medicinal plant is also used in many other medicines and diseases.

 If the information given about the Arjun tree is of any use to you, then this blog will be full of success. The main goal of this Website is to increase your knowledge about plants and nature. Please leave your opinion in the comments. One of your suggestions will help us move this blog forward. Thank You.

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