October 27, 2021


The Banana tree sacred banana plant

The Banana is a tree without branches to be a plant, but we call it a banana tree in practice. The banana plant is tall and has a rib-like trunk in the middle of it. It is consider a very sacred Plant.

The Peepal tree evergreen Ficus religiosa

The Peepal tree can be seen in different parts of India. This tree grows on its own without any care, but everyone will be surprise to know how much impact it has on our lives.

12 indoor plants for positive energy at home in India

12 indoor plants for positive energy at home in India for people earn good luck by caring for plants. Not only that, there are many more spiritual benefits to having plants around us.

The National Tree of India Banyan Tree

The National tree of India name Banyan tree, evergreen Ficus Benghalens is growing over a large area. Its roots give rise to more trunks and branches.

The Sundari tree Beauty of Sunderban delta

The name Sundarbans comes from a mangrove plant, the Sundari Tree.The leaves are cover with thick and shiny wax.The Sundari tree is mainly found in Sundarbans Delta

The Nilgiri Tree or Eucalyptus tree

The Eucalyptus tree or Nilgiri tree is a harmful plant for the environment that does more harm than good to humans.The eucalyptus is a tree capable of living almost anywhere, withstanding almost any circumstance and growing fast.

Everything about The Silver Oak tree

The Silver oak tree is native to South America. Several of the flowering trees have yellow flowers, such as Silver Oak, Yellow Oak, and Yellow Elder (Tacoma stands).

The Palash tree beauty of nature

Palash tree is seen almost everywhere in India.In English, it is known as Bastard teak, and In Sanskrit, it says – Palash / Kingshuk, and in Hindi – Dhak Palash, Tesukaper, Chira In Nepal, it is known as Palashi Bulchetra.