October 27, 2021

The Banana tree sacred banana plant

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The Banana is a tree without branches to be a plant, but we call it a banana tree in practice. The banana plant is tall and has a rib-like trunk in the middle of it. It is consider a very sacred Plant, and in south India people serve the food on banana leaf in temple and wedding ceremonies. It is essential to plant a banana tree in front of the house and the garden/backyard.

All parts of the banana plant use in different ways. Its flower is cook as a boiled vegetable. Its leaves and stems as cattle feed in some parts of India. The lifespan of the banana tree is uncountable. It grows back to back from its roots. The banana tree is REPRODUCTION IN ORGANISMS. Its lifespan is 25 years—the fibre obtain from the plant to manufacture ropes, mats, coarse paper and paper pulp. 

How to plant a banana tree?

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Banana is a beneficial fruit. Morning-evening breakfast is an essential ingredient. Seedlings of Banana can be plant in 3 seasons of the year, i.e. first in September to October, second in February to March and third in March to April. So let’s not know the rules of banana cultivation-

(a)Soil and Climate

Adequately sunny and well-drained high ground is suitable for banana cultivation. Fertile loamy soil is good for banana cultivation. The temperature suitable for plant growth and production is 15-350C. The temperature is 130C.

 (b)Seedling Selection:

Select tissue culture seedlings for commercial cultivation. However, if tissue culture seedlings are not available, Aussie should be plant. Healthy, vigorous Aussie teur should be collected from the disease-free garden. Usually 35-45 cm. And 50-60 cm tall. Seedlings are weighing 1.5-2.0 kg planted in length.

(c)Land preparation, hole digging and planting of seedlings:

The land is well cultivated at a distance of 1.5-2.0 m at 45 cm to 45 cm. 45 cm Sized holes are to be dug. 15-20 days before planting, the seedlings should be mixed with dung manure and TSP soil, and the hole should be closed. After planting the seedlings, the land should be well watered.

Importance of banana

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Bananas contain vitamin C which keep the bones of the body healthy and eliminate the feeling of eating. Banana makeup It eliminates acne and eliminates the oily surface of the face. 

There are 50 varieties of bananas are available in our country—green bananas, sugar cane, yellow-green Kerala bananas and hill bananas etc. Banana is a good sign. So we use banana fruit, banana seedlings and banana trees in good banana deeds. 

Uses of banana leaf in Kitchen

Uses-of-banana-plant-leaf-in -Kitchen
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Banana leaf is like a live tool in the Kitchen in South India. Like a plastic wrapper that prevents food from drying out, sticking and cooling like heat, like parchment paper, like aluminium foil, banana leaf as a food wrapper.

A banana leaf can be serve and placed on a paper plate as food and used as containers in various shapes. It can be use as a steamer tray to keep it from sticking, and it is very much like a natural degreaser.

A Variety of dishes can make from Curry banana.
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Curry Bananas can prepare in a variety of dishes. We also make various snacks with banana curry, banana fritters, banana patties, banana chips and Juice can prepare from a Banana. Banana Butter Milk is a portion of good food, especially for adults and children. 

Curry Bananas use in a variety of dishes. A variety of snacks can make from banana curry, banana fritters, banana patties, banana chips, and bananas juice. Banana Butter Milk is a portion of good food, especially for adults and children. It also uses in the manufacture of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. 

Uses of banana leaves
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Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka banana leaves are very delicate and make it easy to serve all the ingredients when serving guests’ meals. Eating green bananas helps in quick digestion, eliminates phlegm, strengthens the body, makes you feel better, keeps you healthy and gives you good energy. 

Banana fruit works well in relieving ulcers. Idle wrapped in banana leaf is famous in Karnataka and renowned for its taste and beauty. Bananas are also use in making jam: these fruit juices very taste and fruit salads. Rub the banana peel inside on the teeth daily. Doing this for at least a week will make your teeth shine whiter. Banana peel is also suitable for dental care.

The banana plant is a sacred tree from ancient time.
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The banana tree is considered very auspicious to offer the fruit of the banana tree to Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi. Again, showing the leaves of the banana tree to Ganesha is also considered auspicious. This tree’s leaves decorate various religious and ceremonial pandals, and they are uses to serve food and prasad. It believed that worshipping this tree with incense, fruits, flowers, turmeric, etc., every Thursday of the week increases the family’s prosperity.

The leaves of the banana tree are vast and green in colour. This tree usually uses for cultivation. These trees give us fruits, leaves, flower and thor. The banana leaves are huge and strong, and the fruit is in a bunch while hanging. There are about 15 to 20 bananas in a bunch.

The banana tree considers being very optimistic because everything in it can be sold. Most people still eat banana flowers. Besides, this tree uses in many worships places of Hinduism. Many people grow banana trees in the garden in front of their houses. Many use banana tree leaf peel for animal feed.

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