October 27, 2021

Babool tree benefits of this medicinal plant

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The Babool tree is commonly found in dry and sandy parts of India. It’s required little rain and is a fast-growing tree. It is widely found in Rajasthan, Punjab, and Haryana and Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and utter Pradesh.

The scientific name of the babool tree is acacia nxlotices or acacia Arabica. It is also known as gum Arabic tree, Egyptian thorn, saint tree, and prickly acacia. In Sanskrit, it is called harhar or ajamegty, In Hindi, .it is known as babul or kikar, Bengali as baabla, and in the south diet is called jali Mara in Kannada, as karavel in Tamil and nallatumma in Telugu.

The use of babool tree.

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It is a tree that is highly valued in Ayurveda .It is also called the healing tree. The twig of the tree is use as the toothbrush and believed to strengthen the teeth and heals gums. The bark of the tree is use to treat diarrhea and lose motion. It is also use for cold and cough. The gum of the tree is use for the treatment of arthritis and union of fracture bone. The leaf prepares to prevent hair fall.

It is a robust tree. It supports many insects and bird’s .it is an excellent toddler plant for cows, goats, and buffalo. Its pods are use as a supplement for poverty .The babool woods are consider one of the best woods for making furniture .it is also use for housing. It is also utilize for paper production.

The branches of  babool trees brush to whiten your teeth.

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Babool tree (Acacia Arabica).Babul tree is a very friendly plant for teeth. Its juice prepares in many herbal types of toothpaste. And they are commercially available in the market. A component called tannin in these sticks whitens yellow teeth.

According to Ayurveda, Acacia is part of toothpaste and other oral hygiene products and the care of teeth and gums. It is famous for this in India and Africa, where the local people use small branches of young trees as natural toothbrushes. Some plant branches are pulverized and chewed with a toothpick, used to harden and cleanse the teeth. Turn white in the same way. It should be cut from the tree branches, separated from the sour, and rubbed on the teeth. It should be the length of the toothbrush. Rinse it clean with good water.

Babool tree growth properties.

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Acacia (gum Arabic tree) is a medicinal plant. Its leaves are 2-winged, winged 8-12, magazine 20-40, slender, 4-6 mm long. This tree grows up to a maximum of 25-30 feet. Its trunk is simple, and the surface of the tree is vast like an umbrella. Its stem is very hard. The bark is crack and gray. Its flowers are sweet-smelling, round, bright yellow. The flowers are group in tiny ballerina pom-pom-shape inflorescence 1-2cm in diameter. The fruit is long, dry, and inside we find round and hard black seeds. It has a lifespan expectancy of about 30 years.

Flowers 1 to 10 inches in diameter. The flowers are bisexual. The number of petals is 5, the beginning of the petals is attaching. The stamens are innumerable and disjointed—blooms in monsoon and autumn. The result is winter. The fruit is 3-6 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. However, the fruits are flatten. Its color is white. As a result, there are 8-10 seeds.

Acacia gum, a multi-use product.
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The gum obtained from the acacia takes the shape of a ball. They come from the tree’s natural secretions called “exudation.” Acacia gum or Arabic gum is, therefore, a dried exudation. The balls obtained by bleeding with a sharp blade are often larger than those produced by natural secretion. Bleeding usually takes place from October, November, December, when the trees lose half of their foliage and harvest in March and April. Acacia produces gum from 3-4 years, which is the recommended age for bleeding. No chemicals are involve in the harvesting process, which is carry out entirely by hand.

Gum Arabic use functional properties and put in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. It is prepares to make glue, hard candies, syrups, pills, and medicinal lozenges. It also helps to stabilize the wine and soft drinks, to fix paints and ceramics. Beauty products like mascaras, lipsticks are prepares from gum Arabic.

Gum Arabic is also an incredible dietary supplement rich in fiber. It is use in traditional medicine. It fights back pain, sore joints, burns, and many other diseases. Powdered acacia bark is very effective in healing wounds.It also acts as a texture improve in the manufacture of bread and milk, and ice cream.

Health benefits of this Medicinal plant babool tree.
Health-benefits-of-this-Medicinal-plant- babool-tree
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Ancient acacia grannies are widely use medicinally in India and Africa. This type of acacia is best known for its healing properties. Various parts of the tree are use: bark, roots, flowers, leaves, young branches, gum, pods, and seeds. Acacia has antiseptic, antibacterial, astringent, emollient, healing, homeostatic, anti-inflammatory properties.

Medicinal  Properties:-
  1. Acacia is very useful in various diseases of our liver and digestive problems. Babool leaf juice works great as a home remedy for various stomach ailments in children. It is also very effective in preventing typhoid and the germs of the disease. Itching is better by dipping the bark of the bubble in mustard oil. The juice of the leaves of the tree cures constipation.

2. The juice of the young leaves of the babul increases longevity, strength, and sexual energy and, at the same time, reduces our aging problems. Playing one acacia leaf every day prevents hair loss, and the hair will remain thick and always black. At the same time, it keeps us young, and we don’t have to lose our teeth prematurely, and we don’t have to wear glasses.

3. Acacia leaf juice is very effective in increasing nervous strength and cutting down physical weakness. For this, take 3-4 teaspoons of acacia leaf juice mixed with one glass of milk and eat it in the morning and afternoon. Drinking a week can be beneficial. In addition, for physical, sexual weakness, and white discharge in women.

4. The bark and leaf sap of the bubble tree contain alkaloids. This helps us lower our blood pressure. Bubbler is also use to relieve mental disorders and hysteria.

5. Our skin stays good when our blood is clean. And acacia leaf juice keeps our blood clean. And this is why our skin is much better, and the skin.

6. Age prematurely so bubble leaf juice is very effective in retaining youth.

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