October 27, 2021



Plants and Nature

Many plants around us are doing us all a favour with their existence. Trees and trees are essential for the cleanliness of the environment, the cleanliness of the atmosphere, and many species’ survival due to air circulation. There are gardens with fruitful flowering trees and pleasing to the eye. Such places are considered to be endearing to them. There is an excellent benefit by protecting and worshipping the sacred plants.

Save Trees, so we all have fresh and clear air all over the Earth. Plant more and more trees to save life on this Earth. Save the tree, rather than just letting it get cut down. Trees are essential and need to be protected. Trees are an invaluable gift of nature to living things, which provide us with oxygen and reduce environmental pollution. It is also an important means of preventing earthquake and flood damage and preventing soil erosion.

Tree planting is also essential to counteract the effects of global warming. Global warming is causing the planet’s temperature to rise alarmingly, and global warming is a serious problem requiring urgent action. Experts say global warming will have a devastating effect on all human beings on Earth as a whole. 

Rising temperatures will make drinking water scarce, and there is a risk of famine and drought due to lack of water for agriculture. The cities will sink. Untimely rains will destroy agriculture. Toxic gases will reduce the amount of oxygen in the air, leading to a wide range of mental and psychological disorders. Very few people will survive dangerous diseases.

Benefits of mother earth

Trees and plants are living organisms and need protection and care. The flora of a place provides many benefits to mother earth and us humans while adding life and colour to the environment. Many times, the trees beautify the garden and the facade of our house.

People are destroying forests day after day for their daily needs and for building settlements. As a result, we are facing various problems. Wild animals are losing their habitat, and there is a shortage of food for the animals. Floods and land erosion are on the rise. As a result, the natural balance is being lost.

Forest conservation is very important today to protect these. Without forests, animals and people’s lives will not be healthy. So we need to save the forest to save ourselves, to protect the wildlife. Legislation has been enacted to protect the forest by cutting down trees, planting more saplings and stopping smugglers from entering the forest.

It is the rule of nature that one-third of the Earth should be forested. If so, the benefit to us is greater. Forests provide rainfall and control landslides; Controls soil erosion. Trees can determine carbon dioxide. Forests are one of the factors that determine the climate of the Earth.

Deforestation trees causes global warming

Deforestation causes sea level rise, global warming, heavy rainfall in some areas, and drought. When trees are grown in coastal areas, the trees have the power to control the waves. Only by protecting the Earth can we save a life.

There is no substitute for trees to keep the beautiful world eco-friendly. About 25 per cent of the country’s total land area is require for maintaining the balance of nature. Trees are one of the main ingredients of human friend and environment. But not all trees are good for humans or environmentally friendly.

Nature has given us so much that we can live a healthy life. Therefore, we need to understand and respect nature’s value. If the information given about Nature Planticia of any use to you, this blog will be full of success. This website’s primary goal is to increase your knowledge about Plants and Nature. Please leave your opinion in the comments. One of your suggestions will help us move this blog forward. Thank You.